How Do I Begin?

Some self-reflection on where to start. How do I get motivation to continue? How do I know where to begin?


Kate Lacivita

8/15/20222 min read

Sometimes the beginning is the hardest part of any journey. As I sit here, I contemplate where I should even begin with these topics, most of which have just been various thoughts going in and out of my head for ages. Should I start simple or go into historical text and research right off the bat? What is it that I am actually wanting to write about anyways? Where should I begin?

When challenged with creating meaningful content and connections I want to come off genuine and personable. Who am I and what do I like? What do I do on my free time? What are my goals? Do people share these same thoughts, feelings and dreams with me? Do people actually care about the journey in which I am on, and will it help others who are following a similar path as I?

These questions I hope to answer in future posts and works. Perhaps I will connect with that one freshman in their undergraduate program who has been told their whole life they can’t achieve a good job in the art world. Maybe this is their place to know that the mentality of the “starving artist” is a dead one. I hope to be that person to another. The art community needs more support in their younger audience so they don’t lose hope.

This post is more of thoughts and ideas that I have been having all day as I set this blog up. This is my own world I am creating. One of support and appreciation. One where others know they can do whatever they want. One where the child growing up “doodling nonsense” on the corners of their work pages in class are going to go on to do great things. Greater than most of their classmates. Art is beautiful, powerful and meaningful. Art has purpose in this world that everyone can be apart of. It is not only for the elite but for the creative.

To that kid who is told by their teachers that “art will amount to nothing“ or ”you’ll never get a real job doing art”, I want to say this: it’s all a lie. People who try to bring your dreams down are people who are unfulfilled or uneducated in what they are talking about. Show them all and prove them wrong. This kid is not only a generic child, but the child I was growing up. Without the support of my father, a fellow artist I don’t think I would have pursued this career in which I am chasing after now. Shout out to you Dad. ❤️

Apply this degrading notion to any dream you may have had when you were young. Did you want to be an astronaut or a doctor but others told you you weren’t smart enough, motivated enough or educated enough to do the thing you really wanted. Don’t take it to heart or EVER think they are right. Only dedication, motivation and consistency will bring you to what you want to do.

🎨Now this turned into a random, motivational post about kicking negative nancy’s to the curb and getting them out of your life as quickly as possible. But knowing that the life of the basket case artist is gone. It is a new world out there for artists. This post is to pep talk the people who don’t think their good enough, myself included. Remind yourself that you are the biggest cheerleader you have.

With all that being said, I send peace and love to you all. Next week I will see you again! Cheers~