A New Beginning

First blog post ever!


Kate Lacivita

8/14/20221 min read

As an aspiring art historian, I thought it necessary to start putting my thoughts and ideas down into words. So, here I am learning how to create a blog for none other than myself and those interested in the things I have to say about art, music, culture, history and whatever else I find important enough to share with others.

I am passionate about recording and documenting history, as I find it very important for self growth and development in humanity. To understand the past, can we predict the future (potentially??) I hope to grow as an individual and better my writing skills by producing this blog and to uphold a schedule that can be helpful in my career.

As I go about my life, I have had the privilege to experience a lot of art exhibits, gallery openings and museum tours. I want to share these with others as well as document my experiences. Memory can be fleeting but a journal is forever!

My first post is short, sweet and to the point. I want to begin by saying thank you for even taking the time to read this nonsense and my goal is to hopefully spark joy, curiosity and knowledge for everyone (including myself!) while here. I hope we can all have fun together!

Multiple Artists. Crochet Coral Reef: NC Satellite Reef. Mixed Media. Photo by me. North Carolina State Museum.